The Right Path will be a single player story driven computer game where choices matter. Like any story driven game, The Right Path needs a hero, our hero is a young woman named Dr. Helkena Mo. Helkena has choices to make, as with "real life", some of those choices are good, and some are not so good. 

The Right Path will have lots of "Christian" elements, BUT The Right Path is geared more for a non-believer than a Christian. It's a game that will be for ALL who want a great story driven game; almost 200,000 words! (BTW, just to give you an idea, the average American fiction novel is about 70,000 words). The game is centered around life & death, right & wrong, good & evil; in other words like a person living in "real world" situations. Helkena ("The Player") will have choices to make.

Helkena, is a way above average person in intelligence; she's smart... VERY SMART! She has a GREAT job, loves her "Papa" and her best friend Conny. Helkena is NOT a Christian or even remotely close to it, she loves to party, have a good time, she drinks a lot...a LOT! She dresses inappropriately at times, she uses inappropriate language at times as well! But she is also one who doesn't take her being a Doctor too seriously; she "does" know her job, but sometimes she just wants to be the average girl next door!

Most of the game will be more of large "cut scenes"; think of FMV games like "Late Shift" except these cut scenes will have 3D modeled characters, think of games like "Life is Strange" or "Quantum Break". There will also be some action (melee and weapons combat) aspects to the game where the player will have to choose whether or not to take out an enemy. There will be other "game play" aspects as well!​​

As The Player, you'll have to be Helkena's "conscious" to guide her on...