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Alexander Johnson's Bio

Hector Rodriguez


Hector Rodriquez was born into a family of migrant workers from Mexico who had settled in Rapid City, South Dakota. From a young age, he dreamed of escaping the monotony of life in the fields and experiencing the world beyond his small town. His family, however, wanted him to follow in their footsteps and become a hardworking farmhand.

When Hector was old enough, he joined the army, but he had bigger ambitions than just being a regular soldier. He trained hard and excelled in his duties, eventually earning a spot on the elite Delta Team.

As he got older, however, Hector grew tired of the constraints of army life and yearned for more excitement and challenges. Fortunately, an old friend, J. J. McPherson, reached out to him and offered him a job at TechGene. He jumped at the opportunity and now works with cutting edge technology, using his skills and expertise to push the boundaries of what is possible.



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