Hector Rodriguez


Hector grew up with his family, mom, dad and an older brother. His parents were migrant workers from Mexico that worked the fields in and around Rapid City, South Dakota, not much of a life for Hector he thought, just go to school and play with friends and being a normal kid. But Hector wanted more, he wanted to see the world, to be a defender of those who have been wronged. His parents and even his older brother told him to stop being a stupid dreamer and get ready to work the fields and be like his family, not having much of anything, not a bad life, but still Hector wanted something better.


When Hector was old enough he joined the Army, he still wanted to be more than to just a grunt. He tried out for the specials forces team where he eventually became part of Delta Force. Hector didn't want to advance in rank any more than he needed to, his best work was out in the field and not stuck at HQ behind a desk. When his time for reenlistment came up he refused anything that the Army had to offer.


During Hector’s time in the Army, he was was noticed by a Special Agent named J. J. McPherson who made Hector an offer he couldn’t refuse.