Misty Mack

Misy 01.jpg

Misty "Ms. T" Mack is the 5 years younger sister of Rick or as Rick would say, his kid sister. Misty, or as her crazy uncle Mule; his real name is Samuel, calls her Ms. T, she didn’t know why he called her that until she found out who Mr. T was, Mr. T always played a tough guy in TV and movies. Misty was a tough little kid when she was younger, she had to be tough especially when her older brother would tease her so much, but she ALWAYS toughed it out! Misty is one of those type of people that always seems to bring a ray of sunshine no matter how gloomy the day is.


She, like her brother didn’t really understand or even care to understand anything to do with Christianity. But It was in collage when she was approached by one of her "goodie-two-shoe Christian” friends who asked Misty if she would like to go to a Harvest Crusade…


"Aaahh....what?" Misty asked

“It is an Evangelistic event”

“You mean a Christian thingy?”




After being gently asked a few more times Misty finally relented...she went and her life has never been the same since...in a GREAT way too! She thought now if she could just get her brother to believe!